Moving you with Care & Compassion


A delivery is just a small move! Think about us next time you have any SEATTLE DELIVERY SERVICES or pickups to be made.We are here to serve your needs, no matter how creative they may be. Just ask us.

  • Furniture stores or furniture buyers
    If you are a retailer, or you are the purchaser, you can hire us to pick up, deliver and carry it up the stairs.
  • Construction Companies
    We can move rolls of lumber, carpet, bulky supplies, building materials, and more.
  • Appliance stores or buyers
    We can supply pickup delivery, and disposal of your old appliances.
  • Something you bought from classifieds?
    • Did you get a great deal on Craig’s List, and now you need to get it home?
    • Did you just buy a washer, dryer, safe or (anything too large to carry home)? Call us and we’ll pick it up and bring it to you.
    • Have a garage full of old furniture you want to take to a consignment store? Or the dump?
    • Ask us about any SEATTLE DELIVERY SERVICES to or from your place of business or your home.

And don’t forget assembly!

Don’t struggle with directions, we’ve already read them for you. We can assemble your purchase and save you the time and worry.

Some of the other advantages you can expect from SEATTLE DELIVERY SERVICES include:

GREENWAY MOVING & DELIVERY is also licensed, bonded, and insured within the state of Washington. We have worked consistently with well-known furniture shops in the greater Seattle area, and are willing and able to provide pickup for almost any item, large or small, with the exception of frozen or refrigerated food, hazardous materials, etc.

Note that our name has the word “delivery” in it. Did you ever think of calling a local moving company just for local pickup and hauling?

GREENWAY MOVING & DELIVERY has consistently handled deliveries for well known furniture stores, flooring companies, construction companies, individuals cleaning their garages, people emptying storage units,  and much more.

When you’re looking for the best, use the company that is trusted by the very best for your next SEATTLE DELIVERY SERVICE. Our home base is in South Seattle, and we can cover a lot of ground from there.

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Moving you with Care & Compassion