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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to change my address?

Just go to your nearest post office or the USPS website at

How much time do you need between scheduling my move and moving me?

As a licensed and permitted mover, we are required by law to provide a written estimate first. This can be done in as little as a day before your actual move. However, it’s best to book your move as early as possible, so you can get your desired moving date reserved. This allows us time to schedule our staff for the move.

What are my responsibilities in preparing for the move?

You will need to have sealed all boxes top and bottom prior to the move. Sorting and plainly marking boxes by the room they will be going in will allow the movers to quickly place your possessions where they belong.

Is there anything that should not be shipped?

By law, flammable items (aerosol cans, propane tanks, paints, thinners, gasoline, etc.) must be transported by you, the customer. Guns and ammunition also cannot be transported by a moving company. And, pets and frozen and refrigerated items cannot be moved by us. If you can not move these items we recommend you seek out separate pet transport and refrigerated transport.

Do I have to do the packing myself?

Not necessarily. We can do this for you if you like. We also can help with donating your unwanted possessions and help with unpacking and other tasks, such as removing unwanted items and packing materials. If a move manager is involved in your move, we will work closely together with them.

Can I leave things in the dresser drawers?

In most cases, yes. But any items that might spill (perfume, coins, paper clips, etc.) should be removed.

For answers to more questions, follow us on our Facebook page.

For answers to more questions, follow us on our Facebook page.

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